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Megapolises are the best places for people to live (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays people face a difficult decision when choosing a place for their humble abode. Some prefer life in a big city over one in a smaller town, whereas others find the idea of dwelling in a quieter and a greener neighbourhood much more attractive. Let us consider both opinions in more detail.

To my mind, while crowded cities really are wonderful places to live in, they are not always the best alternative. To start with, the selection of food in these areas is, undoubtedly, rich, however, the food’s quality is often very poor. GMO and other supplements are, as is known, not healthy and can cause various diseases. In addition, urban areas are certainly more polluted than the rural ones. Dirty air coming from factories and plants and filthy water as a result of theirs are, obviously, not particularly good for humans.

However, some people disagree.

They state that megapolises offer an enormous range of places to go and spend free time in and, also, a lot of opportunities to learn about the world and yourself.

Still I cannot share this opinion. Living in the countryside allows people to do various activities as well. Most of them are outdoor ones and are unavailable in cities. Those include horse riding, for instance.

To sum up, despite all the mentioned above, I still believe that large cities and towns are lovely places to live in, yet not necessarily the best ones. Nevertheless, choosing location for a person’s home should be their own decision and should suit themselves in the first place.


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