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Do you think that young people learn anything by travelling to other places? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Do you think that young people learn anything by travelling to other places?

Nowadays young people are given a wonderful opportunity to travel all around the world and during these trips they might gain educational information. Some people claim that young people can’t learn anything by travelling, while others argue that going to different places can be really useful for teenagers.

As far as I am concerned, travelling is beneficial for the development in knowledge and social interaction. Firstly, by visiting foreign countries young people might learn other cultures. Consequently, they will know other people’s habits and their traditions. Secondly, travelling is a good way of studying history of other countries. Young people can touch it by visiting historic places. Thirdly, going abroad can improve teenagers’ language speaking skills.

However, other people thing that travelling is not the best way of getting knowledge.

It is said that very often young people spend all their time at hotels, so it is impossible to learn something new and essential there. What is more, everybody knows, that travelling is a great chance to have some rest. Young people also need time for relaxation without studying.

Despite these arguments, I still think that even if teenagers want to unwind from learning, they can explore the world. In spite of staying at hotels, they can go on interesting excursions. Furthermore, it is clear that lying every day on the beach is boring.

All things considered, although some young people are not interested in investigating other countries, I strongly believe that travelling is the best way of learning. Young people can easily become acquainted with new culture, history and foreign people. All these factors will broaden teenagers’ horizons and make their life more exciting.


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