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All about my university. Мой университет (Сочинение на свободную тему)

Last year I entered the Linguistic University of Foreign Languages. As I have studied there for a year, I posses some information about this university and today I’d like to tell you some facts about it.

The Nizhny Novgorod Dobrolyubov Linguistic University was founded in 1937. It is famous for its high quality of education and high academic standards.

Our university is housed in four buildings so sometimes it’s not an easy matter to find a particular lecture room. The university has seven departments: Higher school of Linguistics, Pedagogics and Psychology, Higher School of Translation and “Interpreting, Higher School of International Relations and World Politics, Higher School of Social Sciences and Institute of the Russian Language.

Our university has a wide choice of courses.

As for brand-new courses, students have an opportunity to obtain the latest skills and receive all-round education. However, not all the books and manuals are brand-new so the students have to rewrite texts according to modern data. In addition to compulsory courses the university provides optional courses. Moreover, there are also fee paying evening classes. During these classes you can learn Chinese, French, Deutsche and other languages. The tutors and the stuff in The Dean’s Office of every institute are always ready to help students.

In our university there are three well-stocked libraries, one reading room and the library providing access to reading especially rare books. So, our library centre is equipped with a wide range of literature to meet the needs of students. It easily supports us to carry out researches on different subjects and to prepare for seminars.

Unfortunately, due to new rules connected with Covid-19 we cannot visit a great number of concerts, discos and sport competitions.

But there are still students’ clubs and extracurricular activities to make students’ life more memorable and multiple.

The Linguistic University of Foreign Languages ranks among the top universities so students from all parts of the country come to study there. The university provides accommodation for its students. It has two halls of residence. The first one is on Gagarin’s prospect and the second one is a 5 minute walk from the university.


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