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It is important to let high school students study the subjects they choose (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays schools and universities offer various studying programs which cover almost every sphere of people’s life. Some people think that high school students should carry on studying subjects which are learned in lower grades. Others think, that it would be better for high school students to choose the subjects on their own.

I personally think that it is important to let high school students study the subjects they choose. Firstly, choosing their subjects is the first step on their high responsibility because their choice will definitely help them to decide what they want to be in the future. Every university requires some basic knowledge on different subjects which depends on specialization a student wants to study.

y choosing the subject in high school ones can prepare themselves for entering a higher institution of learning.

Secondly, an opportunity to choose provides an expansion of student’s academic performance. While studying and getting knowledge on things in which a person is interested, they will surely study harder and want to get as much knowledge as possible. Therefore, their score will grow.

On the other hand, people claim that if students refuse to study some basic subjects like math or geography, they simply lose all the knowledge they got for years of studying those subjects.

I do not agree with the above mentioned opinion because after graduation students will certainly have to deal with the subjects they did not choose in high school to study. That is why they will not lose their knowledge.

All in all, there are many opinions on the topic of choosing subjects to study in high school, but I personally think, that an opportunity to choose should be given to the students.


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