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It is wrong to make pupils do homework at the weekends (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays pupils are getting more and more concerned about the impact of doing homework at weekends on their lives. Some people are convinced that teachers should not give homework on weekends while the others hold the view that schoolers ought to do homework at the weekends. This issue is quite arguable, nevertheless, I will attempt to express my opinion on it.

I an inclined to think that teachers should not assigning homework to the student at the weekends. A major benefit is that pupils get so stressed over the weekends because of homework. A further convincing argument is that weekends are the time when people are supposed to have a break and spend time with their family and hobbies.

Unlike the proponents, the opponents insist that pupils should have homework on the weekends.

They suggest that there are many people who have to work 6 to 7 ays a week that is why students need to do homework at the weekends for preparing their future work which can be long hours.

Nevertheless, I cannot fully agree with the above-expounded point of view. One should take into account the fact that students are children who have a lot of work in school and doing homework for the weekends can lead to a breakdown, headaches and depression.

Weighing up all the arguments, I still believe that doing homework at the weekends leads to depression cycle of disappointment. Schoolers have not a break and cannot relax and spend their free time with their families and friends.


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