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TOPIC: THE INTERNET / Высказывания ОГЭ задание 2, задание 3 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Introduction: Whether we understand it or not, the Internet is an integral part of modern life.

– What do people use the Internet for?

Internet has become very popular with all ages, especially among teenagers. It offers them a lot if opportunities – people can do the shopping, download films and books and read news there. Moreover, the Internet provides an opportunity for chatting and sharing pictures, audios, videos, – a function which teenagers adore.

– What educational opportunities does the Internet offer?

Internet can really help students in their studying. Distance education programmes make it easier for students from all over the world to attend classes remotely. What is more, there are many different Internet competitions for different subjects that sometimes provide good bonuses for the winning students.

– Can the Internet be harmful for users? Why?

In spite of all the benefits, the Internet can sometimes be dangerous.

Firstly, there is a danger that traditional morality will break down in virtual world. Secondly, some psychologists warn that for the young people the Internet can be very dangerous because it is full of violent content.

– How does the Internet make long-distance communications easier?

Communications, even long-distanced, became easiest with the invention of the Internet. With its help everybody can send messages to any part of the world if both sides have Internet access. Furthermore, people can make video calls and even see a person who is far away like he or she is sitting nearly.

Conclusion: All in all, the Internet can be a curse of a blessing. This new technology will be what we will make it.


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