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TOPIC: FILMS. CAREER CHOISE. / Высказывания ОГЭ задание 2, задание 3 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Introduction: Whether we realise or not, films play an important part in a teenager’s life.

– What kind of films do modern teenagers enjoy?

Modern teenagers prefer watching comedy and horror films. Moreover, they are fond of films that reflect ordinary teenagers’ problems. And, of course, they also watch films which are created for all ages.

– Do you prefer watching films on TV, in the Internet or in the cinema? Why?

As for me, I prefer watching films at home. There you don’t to pay for a ticket.

Furthermore, you can pause a film if you need to.

– What film have you seen recently? What is was about?

I have watched a great film called ‘Grigory R’ recently. It tells us the story of life of Grigory Rasputin, one of the most mysterious figures in Russian history. It’s plot was really exciting and I also liked the way actors played.

Conclusion: All in all, films are a cheap form of entertainment for millions of people. They choose what to watch according their tastes and preferences.

Introduction: Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life for many of school-leavers and the first serious choice they make is a choice of career.

– What two subjects are the most important for your future job? Why?

In my opinion, the most important subjects for my future job are Russian and English languages. My future profession is related with studying languages, so I need to know all the details of their structure. Moreover, I should know them well to convey my ideas to more people.

– Does your family approve your career choice?

My parents approve my career choice. They helped me to choose it and I am very thankful to them. What is more, my parents gave me useful advices: that I should get pleasure from my job and that I should take into account my traits of character when choosing a job.

– What jobs will be popular in future? Why?

In my opinion, the most popular professions in future will be the ones related to IT. It is briskly developing now and so it requires many specialists. However, such professions as teacher or doctor are eternal and are popular at any time.

Conclusion: All in all, today there are thousands of different jobs and new ones are constantly appearing. No wonder that it is not easy to make the right choice. But it is my firm belief that everyone can find the job he or she will really enjoy.


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