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TOPIC: SCHOOL / Высказывания ОГЭ по английскому задание 2, задание 3 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Introduction (school uniform): School uniform is a compulsory part of education in school.

Introduction (school homework): School homework is a compulsory part of education in school.

Introduction (school day/school life): School plays an important role in my like. It has a broad curriculum of useful subjects.

Introduction (school holidays): To learn well is very important, but is also needed to have a good rest. Holidays give us a great opportunity for it.

– When do you have school hiolidays?

In our school we have holidays every fifth week of studying. Also we have New Year holidays and may holidays. Moreover, summer holidays last three summer months.

– What school holidays would you make longer? Why?

In my opinion, May holidays should be a bit longer. It’s unnecessary to make one or two days in a week a holiday because no one attends school it other days of this week.

– What do you enjoy doing your school holidays?

I have a lot of spare time during holidays.

I devote it mainly to reading. Also this leisure time can be occupied with shopping, watching films of hanging about with friends.

– What do you like the most about your school?

What I like the most about my school is a fact that we are given extraordinary knowledge. Our school follows the principle of interdisciplinary learning. This method helps us to use our knowledge practically and to develop communication skills as we often work in pairs or different groups.

– What weekday do you find the most difficult? Why?

To my mind, the most difficult school day is Tuesday. In that day we have two Literature lessons in a row. It is hard for me to sit in one classroom for such a long time.

– What would you like to change in your school life?

Apart from benefits, our school has some disadvantages which I’d like to change. For example, our website is pretty mundane and it would be great to brighten it a bit. It is also pretty inconvenient despite the fact that in is an integral part of our school life as the main source of information.

– What is your typical schoolday like?

As for me, I always come to school at eight o’clock. Then we have six or seven lessons and they end nearly three pm. After lessons some of them have extra classes, for example, at Tuesdays and Fridays I take extras on History.

– What is your favourite subject? Why?

To my mind, English lessons are the most interesting. English is a world language so it will be easier to travel if you study it well. Furthermore, English skills are required at almost any job nowadays.

– How ling does it take to do your homework?

I usually do my homework for about one hour. But that’s the maximum. In almost all the cases I can do my home tasks for a shorter time, but my laziness prevents me from completing it earlier.

– What subject do you usually start with (while doing your homework)? Why?

I prefer to start with Algebra. This is the easiest subject for me so I complete it fast. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to start with tasks which take a lot of time, for example, English or Russian lessons homework.

–Should schoolchildren be given more or less homework? Why?

In my opinion, schoolchildren should be given slightly less homework, one or two exercises for each subject will be enough. For children who have already understood the topic it is enough to refresh and consolidate knowledge and for children who don’t there are enough examples to understand it.

– Is it important to wear school uniform (clothes) at school? Why?

It is very important to wear school uniform as it has many advantages. Firstly, it makes pupils feel more disciplined. Secondly, school uniform removes social inequality as both rich and poor wear the same clothes.

– What school uniform (clothes) do you wear at school?

In my school everybody wears uniform. In includes a white blouse for all pupils. As I am a girl I should wear black skirt or pants and low-heeled black shoes.

Conclusion (school uniform): All in all, school uniform has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if a student attends a state school he or she must obey the rules and wear uniform.

Conclusion (school homework): All in all, homework is an important part of school life. It helps pupils to refresh received knowledge.

Conclusion (school life/school day): All in all, I think my school is good. In spite of all disadvantages I love to study there.

Conclusion (school holidays): All in all, school holidays are an important part of school life. They give us an opportunity to have a rest from studying.


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