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The best things in our life are free (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays we live in the age of capitalism and probably nobody would believe you if you say that in the USSR a lot of goods were totally free. Considering this issue, some people state that everything that is free of charge can be regarded as the best things in life, while others believe that nothing can be better, than things that you have honestly acquired.

To my mind, currently there is nothing really essential that you can receive absolutely for free. Firstly, I suppose so on the grounds of the fact that everything in the world has a certain price, because all goods and services are connected with human labour. Secondly, it seems to me that it is much better to earn some money and buy what you need, than boast that you have got something for free.

Finally, it is obviously inappropriate to always strive to find something free.

However, there are some people, who are convinced that it is incredibly amazing to have some things for free. These people have such opinion because they think it is good to save money by fair means or foul and, as a consequence, they always attempt to find benefits for themselves.

I cannot agree with them, because it is not rational to always save money, moreover it is more properly to earn as much money as you can so as not to economize all the time, but allow yourself everything you want.

To sum up, I strongly believe that the things that you have got for free are far not the best ones, because there are much more precious things in life.


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