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The greatest things in life are free (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There are many people who consider that great and good things in a human life are free.Others believe that they are wrong and do not agree.At first sight it seems plain, but there can be some confrontations of opinions about freedom and priority.Let us consider some pros and cons of this problem.

As for me, I accept the first opinion.To start with, we all have human rights and capabilities.Life, freedom of expressions, liberty of speech are general things in our world and they have a government support.Everybody feels happiness about these possibilities and can demand a law protection in case of the infringement.Secondly, other nice things exist in the life.Material welfare, family, intimates. self-realization are great too.Also, they come from fundamental human freedom and help to be happy and prosperous.

On the other hand, not everyone believes that above written things can make a life good and valuable.Somebody sees his well-being in ambiguous things like violence, drugs or an absence of mental or material prosperity.

Nevertheless, I can not agree with this opinion.I suppose that everybody may choose an own way of existence.Surely, we should understand that it would not be dangerous and harmful for others.Besides, people naturally change their opinion and views.

The arguments we have presented would indicate that this problem of priority is still to be discussed.


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