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Анализ видео «Can You Change Your Personality?» (Сочинение на свободную тему)

1. Personality is someone’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving, that’s generally consistent across situations.

2. Every personality characteristics have some biological basis, at least partly influenced by people’s genetic makeup. But all personality traits are also influenced by our life experiences growing up. And the influence of heredity and social experience is equivalent - fifty to fifty. Personality does change across the lifespan even in adulthood. It depends from particular social roles and intentionally changing behavior. There are a few tips to help you change your behavior. And it will become part of the personality.

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3. If people are more agreeable, then they have more satisfying and more stable close relationships. People, who are more conscientious, tend to do better in work and in school. People, who are less neurotic, tend to be happier, more satisfied with various aspects of their lives. But it really depends on the specific situations. For example, if a job is adversarial and you need to be argumentative, you are probably going to be more comfortable and a bit better doing that if you are lower in agreeableness.

4. Subject from Elizabeth's article is a young man. He felt that he was having some trouble at work, in relationships. Especially he avoided romantic relationships. He was grumpy and felt kind of sad and frustrated. He didn’t really notice how strong this was affecting others around him. But his roommate once commented: «You are just not a happy person». Then he rethought his personality and intentionally to fix on change.

5. The interview can be considered a quality one. Despite the fact that it consisted of common phrases, it gave reason to think about my personality. What traits are dominant in my character and how they affect my life and the people around me.

The psychologist made a positive impression on me. He seemed to me a knowledgeable person in his field. His words were convincing and perfectly complemented my own beliefs.

The author of the article seemed less interesting to me. But this can be explained by the fact that she had little time for a monologue. However, I was very interested in the story of a young man. Especially the moment where he was surprised at the commentary of a roommate, who called him an unlucky person. I think many people who are depressed may also not be aware of their condition. That it’s not normal. And it needs to be changed.

Speaking generally about the video, I want to note its usefulness. It motivates change. A very beautiful statement was given at the end: even small changes can make a big difference. And this is true.

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