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Traditional school textbooks should be replaced by e-books (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The issue about changing the educational system to electronic one is connected with development of technological progress. Some people think screens will replace paper soon, while others believe that there is nothing better than traditional ways of studying. In this essay I will try to express my opinion on this issue.

Personally I think e-books are more useful. The first thing to be considered is the fact that students will not have to carry a huge armful of books, and it obviously can save their health. All the textbooks will be placed in one gadget. Secondly, in e-books you can do hundreds of bookmarks or personal notes and delete them in any time. Finally, such books can include multimedia files like video or audio, which can be really useful at lessons or for doing homework.

However, there are people, who might not agree with me.

First of all, a gadget for e-books can be very expensive for some families. Moreover, such textbooks will depend on battery charge. It means that if there is no battery charge, your book will suddenly turn off.

As for me, this is very subjective, because the price of the simplest e-book can be the same as the price of a whole set of usual books. If you also learn to charge your gadget, you will not have problems with it.

All the things considered, it takes time to implement any new technology. It seems to me that electronic textbooks will soon change the world's education system, and paper books will remain only for lovers of literature.


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