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1. Education is the most important thing in life 2. Traditional school textbooks should be replaced by e-books (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

1. It goes without saying that people have different opinions about education. Some people believe that education is the most significant part of our life, while others suppose that there are a lot of different things except education. Personally, I support those who consider education above all things.

As far as I concerned, education is the most essential thing in life because it really determines our future.

Firstly, it helps us to get a well-paid job and gain as much money as you wish. Secondly, if you are a high-educated person, you are smart and intelligent. Thus, a skilled person is demanded by everyone.

However, other people have different points of view on education. They claim that education is a waste of time, useless and unnecessary. Besides, they say there are many activities which can replace a good education.

I still believe that education develops you as a person with whom it is interesting to communicate and collaborate. Moreover, communication keeps a person mentally well which is important in the modern life. Also, with a high-education it is likely to get your dream job.

To sum up, I am completely convinced that education is the most important thing in life. You can change something in the world using amazing knowledge.

2. It goes without saying that many students use different electronic devices in their studying. However, other people think that it is unnecessary for pupils to have any modern textbooks at the lessons.

I strongly believe that using modern devices in studying makes the education process more convenient. First of all, it is good for students because they do not have to bring all heavy textbooks to school. Instead of taking a lot of books, they just need to have a small electronic device with all the information which is useful for them during the school day. Moreover, e-books allow users to connect with lots of libraries all over the world that is why it is a good way to get some useful information.

Conversely, other people are sure that students will pay a lot of attention on electronic devices and they will not have any physical activities. This fact may cause a lot of problems with their health.

I am afraid I cannot agree with my opponents’ points of view because many students have a lot of sport lessons in a week that is why students will stay fit.

In summing up, I would like to say that e-books are going to become one of the most important and popular things in education process. They will make studying easier and more convenient for students and their teachers.


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