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Getting a well-paid job is impossible without higher education пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays a lot of people have no job, no work to do and no money. The reason for this may be their low level of education.

In my opinion, people without high education can’t get a good job, and because of that they don’t have a chance to earn as much money as they need to live in absolute comfort. Firstly, it’s because every employer wants to have productive employees, who are going to work harder and effectively. Secondly, it would be difficult to work with any project, if you don’t really understand what are you doing, because you don’t have enough knowledge.

However, some people, who didn’t go to the university, have a nice income. The reason of that, for instance, is their nice skill in some kind of work, which they got in the childhood.

For example, the man, who knows everything about making pizza, because of his dad, who had a small Italian restaurant, would have a good business in this domain.

By the way, not everyone, who has a story like this, would be a good businessman. Actually, it depends on their wanting to continue the family affair. If they want to be a pilot instead of chef, they would try to do everything to make their wish real. The luck is also important, because your restaurant would go bankrupt, if someone decides to put the same Italian restaurant with a better conditions in front of yours.

I think, that being a high educated is really important to become a better person at least. But it’s also an excellent tip to get a well-paid job and live your life properly.


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