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Getting a well-paid job is impossible without higher education (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


A good job is essential for everyone. Some people are convinced that a well-paid position is linked to college education. However, others consider that educational degrees do not have influence on a gainful job.

To begin with, I suppose it is important to have a higher education to get a well-paid job. Firstly, it is accepted that a credible employer requires a bachelor degree. Secondly, a good salary is paid by an employer for a responsible position. As a rule, if you do not have higher education, a hirer hardly trusts you and does not propose a serious and gainful job. Finally, a person, who is looking for a profitable job, must be well-educated.

Only a university degree can make them acquire useful knowledge about a profession.

Nevertheless, there are those who think that everyone is able to get a gainful job. First of all, they state that a lot of people make their fortune nowadays by working without higher education. Moreover, my opponents claim that a gifted person does not need to get a higher degree to earn a lot of money.

Anyway, I disagree with them. As a rule, such organizations do not exist for so long. It means that eventually people would become unemployed. In addition, it is not enough to have a gift to gain a good salary. For instance, amateur singers, who have a gift to sing, cannot be compared with professionals who have a higher degree.

Summing up, I want to stress that higher education is a key to a successful life. It increases your chances of having a well-paid job.


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