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Advertising (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, advertising is an important part of the economy system of the whole world. Ads are everywhere: we see pop-up advertisements on websites, ads on the TV, flyers and banners in the street and posters in the public transport. Some people think that advertisements are good for people, and others think the opposite.

I personally think that ads have a good effect on people’s lives. That is because, advertisements may lead you to goods that otherwise would have been unnoticed by you. But this can only happen when the advertising manager does their job well. Besides, sometimes an advert can be humorous and memorable, so that you remember them, smiling, and sometimes inspirational (for example, when it has a nice slogan or a persuasive message), so that you get encouraged to do nice things.

On the other hand, some people say that ads make life only worse.

They say, for example, that ads are be annoying, especially when they are not targeted, so you get ads about things that you don’t care about. Also, when an ad is too hyped, it is also annoying to see it every couple of minutes. Besides, ads are sometimes misleading (like attention-grabbing pop-up advertisements on news websites), so that they give you wrong information, waste your time in case of spam ads, and sometimes even steal your money!

As we can see, advertisements can produce both good and bad effect on people. And it depends on the people who develop them (such as advertising managers) as well as on the place where you see them. My opinion is that ads have more positive effects than negative, and usually it is just easy to ignore the “bad” and spam ads, and pay attention to the good ones. After all, it is in everyone’s powers to choose what to read and watch, and what to not.


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