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Advantages and disadvantages of different advertising media (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Advantages of advertising on TV

1. TV advertising provides a wide coverage of viewers.

2. TV advertising slogans really become catch phrases among teenagers.

3. Advertising images are really imprinted on your memory even against your wish.

4. TV provides a combination of sound and visual image which is really attractive and therefore has a great fascination force.

5. TV commercials are very spectacular, they stand out in our memory vividly and are persuasive.

6. TV ads are easy to follow and are taken in immediately.

7. TV commercials can be viewed by specific target audience when they are shown during the ad-breaks in minority taste programs or on cable channels.


eing on TV is a sign of success and a matter of prestige, therefore, TV commercials sound credible.


Sometimes products are unobtrusively shown in TV shows and it is called effective product placement. So TV advertising can be referred to low pressure advertising.

Disadvantages of advertising on TV.

1. TV is the most expensive means of advertising, it costs an arm and a leg to place a TV commercial especially in prime time which is popular among advertisers.

2. TV commercials are really long, they start irritating TV viewers who can just switch over channels or mute the sound.

3. TV commercials interrupt the most thrilling TV shows and programs, which gets on the nerves of TV audience. They make it difficult to follow the idea of a show.

4. The same commercials a broadcast during a limited period of time, and they are repeated so frequently that potential customers won’t buy the advertised products purposefully.

5. TV ads are short and if you have missed the beginning of a TV commercial, you are likely to have misunderstood its message.

6. TV commercials are long and costly to produce. As a result, once a commercial is shot it is practically impossible to change it or adjust to new demands of customers.

7. It’s difficult to make a TV commercial exclusive, all of them are similar and use more or less the same basic strategies.


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