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Advantages and disadvantages of advertising media (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Advantages of advertising on the Internet.

1. The major benefit of the Internet advertising is the immediate presentation of information. The advertising banner pops up on the monitors of millions of people irrespective of the geographical location.

2. The Internet is a global network that’s why it provides the widest range of ads. Therefore customers turn to it more willingly than to other advertising means.

3. The content of online ads is not restricted to time limits. A lot of Internet ads can be uploaded and hang online for a long time and be updated regularly.

4. You can place ads in social networks which are frequently visited by users.

5. The information in the Internet ads is up-to-the-minute that’s why they are reliable.


The Internet has become a part of modern lifestyle together with Internet ads which are inseparable from it.

7. The Internet advertising provides better connection with producers, dealers and sellers. The users can click the links with e-mail addresses and phone numbers for more detail.

8. Sometimes it’s impossible for people to avoid watching Internet commercials. They are attached to free music videos or films.

efore you are able to download a video you are forced to watch an ad. Thus the number of potential customers grows.

Disadvantages of advertising on the Internet.

1. Elderly people are not active Internet users and have a stereotype that you can be conned by online sellers. Consequently, this market segment is lost for advertisers.

2. Many computers users install spam filters on their PCs and just ignore cyber-ads and spam because they are afraid of computer viruses and bugs sent with such e-messages. Such people won’t see any ads at all.

3. It is easy for other advertisers to borrow your methods and techniques. Thus it’s difficult to reserve rights online.

4. Pushing an advertisement at a potential customer who doesn’t need it and is engaged in another activity fails.


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