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The letter and essay (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Dear Andrea,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear it from you! Sorry for not writing earlier, I was really busy with my homework.

In your last letter, you asked me if I or my friends collect anything. Frankly speaking, I collect guitar picks for different types of guitar playing. As for my best friend, he collects «Hard Rock Caf&覡» T-shorts from various countries. Well, I spend my pocket money on non-fiction books and for lunch in the school cafeteria. So, many of my classmates, for example, save their lunch cash on something important like the newest iPhone. My parents support my decisions relating to the spending money, they completely trust me.

Btw, was it an online course or not? What subject was the course in? How many classes have you completed?

Sorry, I gotta go to do my Social Study essay.

Write back!



The weather affects the way people feel and behave.

Many aspects are affecting a person’s mood.

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Sometimes that is difficult to find the reason for sadness or happiness.

There is an opinion that the weather can influence people’s spirits, but some argue it.

In my opinion, the weather can change the frame of mind. Firstly, the weather out of the window creates an atmosphere at home. As a rule, runny weather makes people sad or mad, they feel tired, and unfocused at times. A sunny day makes a person smile, happy, uplifting. Secondly, the weather can influence on efficiency. The hotter outside, the harder to work or study. The cool environment allows work more productive. Thirdly, in hot weather, quite a few people go jogging, but many adults and kids play soccer, volleyball, tennis and

so on. Often, because of the rain, people have to stay at home instead of workout in the fresh air. The behavior of people, their decisions depend on the weather.

However, there is an opinion that some are sure the weather dependence is a fairy tale. It does not matter if it is sunny or cloudy outside, if a person is he's focused on something, and does not look out the window.

As for me, that is impossible to disagree with the existence of

weather-dependent people who react strongly even to high humidity. On windy days, these people’s health suffers.

To sum up, the weather affects a person in absolutely different ways starting from mood and ending with health statue.

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