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Ticket 1: essay and letter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I was very glad to get your letter. I should’ve written earlier but I have been busy at school.

You shouldn’t be afraid of doing exams. It is an ordinary part of our life and everyone is getting through it. The only thing I can recommend you is to be ready. Preparation is the most important part of educational process so you need to work if you want to get a good result. It is good if you can choose your subjects as I can. Personally I have chosen English and Russian languages, history and literature.

How long will you stay there? Is it your first time going to a summer camp? Do believe that they can find there good friends? Unfortunately I have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,

Olga (136)

Digital literacy is a key to success in any occupation.

Nowadays, perhaps all jobs are connected with computers. Most employers require digital literacy. So, is IT skills are keys to success in any occupation?

In my opinion, it is an obvious fact. Firstly, if the employer is choosing between two employees, he/she will prefer digital educated person due to many reasons such as analytical type of mindset, ability to work faster and maybe more effectively etc. Additionally, in modern world you can do freelance, working without leaving home or from any part of the world. But it also requires digital literacy.

However, many people believe that artists, musicians, dancers, actors, athletes and others can be successful in their spheres without digital education.

I cannot share this point of view. I agree, that these professions require another skills, but with digital literacy people can at leat promote themselves. Take great photographs, make a personal web-site, start shooting videos and etc.

Olga (204)


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