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Ticket 7: letter and essay (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

«...We had an environmental education week at school. It was very interesting. What environmental problems exist in your region? What does your school do to improve the environment? What is your attitude to recycling?

Today I am going to visit a new shopping centre in my district»

Dear friend,

I was very glad to get your letter. I should have written earlier but I have been busy at school.

Today’s world is very polluted and my city is not an exception. Moscow has different types of pollution: air, water, soil. Deforestation and overpopulation are also big problems for the city. My school helps our government to improve the environment: students do volunteer work and collect paper to recycle it.

I think that without recycling the world would be drown in a rubbish.

How often do you go shopping in malls? Do you go alone or with somebody? What’s your favourite shop? Unfortunately, I have to go now.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,

Olga (119)

«Clothes people are wearing can influence their behaviour»

Nowadays, there are different points of view on clothes matter. Some people believe that it can make an impact on our behaviour and other convinced that it is not. Who is right?

In my opinion, clothes motivate one’s behaviour. Firstly, people dressed in expensive and gorgeous clothes are mainly self-confident and really care of other’s opinion. Secondly, our society get used that people in formal clothes are serious and confident, so people who wear it try to act that way. Finally, most people prefer wearing casual clothes because they feel comfortable in it so they may behave as they normally do and be themselves.

In contrast, there exists another point of view. People are convinced that different clothes only changes our appearance as our behaviour depends on our personality.

I cannot agree with the statement above. Nowadays there are a lot of subcultures that express themselves throughout clothes. On the other hand, most people follow the code of conduct not to stand out of the crowd and not cause gossips, laughter and etc.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that our behaviour and self-estimation changes with different clothes and it is important to wear things that will fit our character.



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