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Family. A vocabulary defines a family as people who are closely related (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I guess there are no exact definitions, what a family is. Everyone needs people who support in a difficult moment, encourage to greater efforts and help with problem. Also, just get the whole family together and have dinner.

I have an exacted family, which consists of my father, my mother, my brother and me. We have good relationships and like to spend time together. Often in the evenings we watch films, read books, play board games or just talk about the events of the day.

My parents always listen to me. Also, we often see our grandparents. We often go together to the countryside. I come to visit them on Wednesdays and they are always glad to see me. I have a lot of other relatives: cousins, aunts, uncles and so one. We are very happy when we are together.

As for my mum, she is a good-looking woman and carries her age well. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and large green eyes. My mother is good-humored, as she is very witty, has a positive outlook on life, I always laugh at her joke. She is good-natured because she is a person who loves people, has a lot of friends and ready to help not only family members but also friends and even strangers. She is communicative and sociable person, as she is easy-going and likes to communicate with people. My mother is always ready to listen to me, to support me, to give a piece of advice and help me. I hope I resemble her.

My father is a middle-aged man with dark hair and green eyes too. He is a big family man who wears trousers and brings the bacon (this is idioms). He is a self-possesed and patient person, as he always makes decisions calmly and judiciously. My father is a thoughtful and broad-minded person. Sometimes he can be stubborn, but all his ideas and thoughts are full of sense. I get alone with him.

It happens that we quarrel, but this is very rarely. We all people and sometimes we do have misunderstanding. I cannot say that we have scandals or harsh quarrels, but something we have tough discussions because of my character or my school problems, but despite everything, I am sure that my parents iove me and ready to do everything they can do for me.

In conclusion, I want to say that my family gives me a lot and I appreciate this very much. I think there are no othere people I would love more in this world.


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