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Personal development (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Personal development is a rather long process that does not always depend directly on the individual. There are various factors that determine the development of the individual.

I believe that my behavior and attitude were influenced by the following factors (in ascending order):

1. Primary ar secondary school, teachers, and what you learnt.

2. Higher education: college, university, teachers, colleagues, the subjects you studied.

3. Your friends and social life, the things you do in your free time.

4. Your family environment in early life.

5. Nature: your genes or DNA, the characteristics you Inherited from your parents and were born with, your emotional and physical make-up.

I believe that for me, heredity, transmitted through the DNA of my parents and previous generations of blood, is the most important factor affecting my behavior.

At the genetic level, I received from my parents some innate traits and aptitudes (talents) that I later develop throughout my life. The main development is laid in childhood, and largely depends on the work of parents and relatives, with their help, the attitude to the world around them is laid. Then I form a circle of friends with whom we share interests and ways of thinking. And of course the University. I believe that University, like nothing else, does not completely shape a person at a conscious age. As a teenager, I go to University, but I come out as an adult, a conscious person who will continue to do only the right things in our life.


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