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Economic development: the problem of different “poles” (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The problem of different poles is due to the emergence of a deep separation of the north and south. This separation is between states that are already developed and those that belongs to the developing countries.

Developing countries need the help of states in providing conditions. The weakness of most states is a dangerous factor for the economic situation in the world economy.

Component part of the economic space is the weakness situation of the southern countries and their problems become common to all states. We can observe an active population displacement from less developed countries to countries with a high level of development. It causes a number of diseases and it increasing the burden(нагрузка) on the economy, the problems in social security and etc.

There are some ways that can solve this problem, one of them is the help to developing countries with unstable economic conditions.

Some ideas of this concept should be highlighted:

1. Preferential treatment for states that are on the path of development in the organization of international relations.

2. Some help to solve the social and economic problems of weakness states, which reduces the debt burden and helps to deal with this current problems.

There is another economic problems ,for example: the problem of poverty

This problem exist because government can’t bring people all conditions that they need. There are great differences between people who have life conditions and people who live in poverty.

There are two criteria of poverty problems : international and national. National criteria is talking about a population that can be attributed to the poorest. These populations are characteristic for many countries ,except Russia.

The global solution is the economic growth of the state, increasing in the level of gross domestic product, and an increasing in the consumption of resources.


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