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Life in the countryside is not for young people (Жизнь за городом — не для молодых людей) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays more and more city-dwellers are leaving for rural areas, but there are different opinions on whether it is beneficial for youngsters. Some people claim that country life is ideal for young adults, while others do not support this viewpoint.

Personally, I think that life in the rural areas is far from perfect for young people. Firstly, there are fewer career and job opportunities in the countryside, while it is essential for youngsters to get a good education and to find a job at this age. Secondly, there are not as many entertainments outside the city as there are in metropolitan areas. That is why young adults may get bored and suffer from lack of recreational activities. Consequently, I am convinced that countryside is not the key to perfect life for youngsters.

However, there is an opposing opinion.

Some people claim that young adults can benefit from living in the rural areas. They say that young grown-ups can save money as the accommodation and products there cost less. Thus, they think that country life is for youngsters.

Yet, I find this argument groundless, and I cannot agree with this viewpoint. It is common knowledge that it is money-consuming for young people to live in the countryside as they spend a lot on commuting. In other words, workplaces and shops are usually located in cities, so one has to cover long distances, which means spending much money on transport. So I believe that young people cannot benefit from living in the countryside.

All things considered, I still stick to my viewpoint. I think that disadvantages of country life outweigh its advantages for young adults.

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