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My school and future profession (Школьные сочинения)

I have just left school. I am very serious about studying because I want to get a good education and become a highly qualified specialist. I believe the best way to prepare for any job is to get a good education. I was good at practically all subjects, but there were a few subjects which seem easy to acquire. These subjects were my favourite ones. They were English, Russian, History and Literature. I think they would be helpful in my future profession. I attended school №24. Our school is just an ordinary , not a specialized on something. It is neither a lyseum nor a college. It is a large building with big and light classes. They are well-equipped with different facilities.

It has always been my desire to study in such a pleasant school as I study at.

There are a lot of good teachers in our school, but only two of them are my favourite. They are teachers of Literature and Informatics.

I admire my teachers brilliant wit and sparkling humour. Though they are rather young , but I must confess they are highly qualified specialists and intelligent people. Some subjects are taught by specialists of high school, for example from University.

As far as we derived great pleasure from dancing, playing the guitar and discussing different themes, we take a justified pride in literary recitals held in our school. We were in the habit of spending our leisure with prifit and pleasure. Our favourite free time activities were playing chess and football, hiking in summer and skating, skiing in winter. But studying is studying. Now I am fond of devoting a lot of my time to it. I must confess since September I have been attending special preliminary courses and on Sundays the law school of the law faculty.

I can not afford working by fits and starts, because it is well-known that it is not easy matter to enter the law faculty. On the one hand, I had school, on the other hand it arouses in me a sad feeting, because it is not easy to part with my schoolmates, teachers and our traditions. I am deeply convinced a lot of interesting things are in store for me. My schoolmates are sure to be always my best friends and after leaving school we shall meet again, because so far as I can judge the more we are together, the happier we will be.


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