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My choice of profession (Школьные сочинения)

A choice of profession is a serious step in our life. Almost for everyone it is very hard to find a work which will bring to us positive emotions and enough money. Moreover there are so many professions today that can easily get your thoughts confused. Nevertheless you should decide who you will be.

I have been choosing my future profession for a very long time. When I was a little girl my mother took me with her to the school where she was working. It was very interesting to watch how she was preparing to the lesson, teaching her subject, giving the tasks to the pupils and checking their exercise books. I really liked this process so after that I started dreaming about becoming a teacher like my mother.

But first I must become a pupil. In my primary school I was taught by the best teacher in the world. She was nice, clever and pretty so I decided that I will be a teacher like her and I will teach little kids. In secondary school I understand that there are many interesting teachers, who love their profession and use their own methods. Moreover during school years I watched a lot of films about different teachers and their role in children’s life. Understanding Ram Nikum from «Like Stars on Earth», kind Clement Mathieu from «Boychoir», original John Kitin from «Dead poets society» inspired me very much. At the end I certainly decided to be a teacher and I really want to play the important role in children’s studying process, teach them to love learning and help them to find themselves.

In conclusion I want to say that a person should choose his profession seriously, because work must not bring only a lot of money, it must be interesting to him. Yuri Gagarin said «It works well when you love your profession, do it with enthusiasm» and I agree with him.


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