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For and against essay «school uniform». What can you say for and against school uniforms. Школьная форма: За и против (Школьные сочинения)

In today’s world, there are two opposite opinions about wearing school uniform. Some people believe that this kind of clothes is useful but other say it's unnecessary.

In my opinion, wearing school uniform is not obligatory for a number of reasons. To start with the main cause is comfort. Most of the students feel comfortless in their uniform. They may feel limited movement, especially if the clothes don't fit well. As a result, pupils get distracted in class and they can have negative attitude to the studying process. What is more, teachers waste amount of time to keep discipline of wearing necessary form of clothing.

But this time teacher can spend explain new topic or something useful. Another point to be made is that some people think that wearing the same clothes all the time suppress their self-expression and remove their individuality. Clothing reflects a person's character and interests. And a person's appearance can help teachers understand what kind of person they are. For teenagers, it's especially important to show who you are. Maybe you can make incredible outfits, so why don't you show it to other students

On the other hand, in a school which has obligatory uniform, the atmosphere in class is more serious. Because of this, students perform better in their studies. It is believed that the school uniform helps children to control their emotions, their behavior and discipline. Such clothes create a specific psychological mood, the student understands that he is going to study, and not to rest. Moreover, the important advantage of wearing school uniforms is that it makes all the students equal. Also it can unite pupils of one school into one team. In addition, children from different families go to school. Some people can't afford expensive clothes for their children's uniform. Material inequality is much easier to suffer when everyone's clothes are the same during the educational process. Also, pupils don't need to think and choose what they will wear the next day. It makes lower the time for morning preparations. The child always knows what clothes to iron for tomorrow.

To conclude, when both sides of the argument are looked at, I would say everyone should find the clothes they feel comfortable and at the same time they stay focused on the learning process. And if you want to express yourself, remember that people don't judge a person by their appearance. Personality is not what you wear, but how you act and what you do.


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