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Some of my friends think it’s important to do sports regularly while others would rather watch a sporting event on TV пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Sport is a part of people's growth and development. Some people think that it has a lot of positive effects, while others are of the opinion that the sport is not important and watching sports games are exciting event.

In my opinion the sport is a necessary part of everyone’s life. First of all, it helps to improve cardiovascular health. The

heart is a muscle, so it needs to be worked out! Regular exercises can help to improve the overall state of your entire cardiovascular system.

Secondly, it teaches us how to work together to achieve a common goal and how to manage the time wisely. While playing team sports like football or baseball you are able to understand the importance of every step as you take responsibility for your whole team.

However, there are some people with the different opinion. They think that watching sport games has its own benefit. As you are not involved in a game, you will not be hurt on injured.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with the above opinion.

If people are not keen on active types of sports, they can play chess in special clubs. This kind of sport will teach them how to build strategy in right way, also it develops logical and tactical thinking. I believe, it is very useful for a future carrier and business relations between colleagues.

To sum up, although not all people do sports regularly, I strongly believe that sports help us to build self esteem and keep mind active. By the way, there is a rule that when Olympic sports games are held, all current wars are ceased. It is great.


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