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Some students think that the most important thing for a teacher is to make studying enjoyable for students; письмо 39 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Nowadays some students are convinced that teachers should be more creative to provide fascinating classes. However, there are those who think it is not a teacher`s duty.

In my opinion, I accept the necessity of having a teacher who can offer pleasant studying. Firstly, the students` interest in the subject depends on the way which a teacher chooses to explain the material. If she or he explains bored, pupils lose concentration on the lesson. Secondly, I know that a teacher is a child psychologist. That is why he must find an individual approach for every student to create a good atmosphere for him in the classroom. Moreover, well-organized lesson involves everyone and makes pupils take part in studying process.

Nevertheless, some people think the general atmosphere of the lesson, which teacher usually creates, does not affect the studying process. Moreover, they are sure that enjoyable environment in the class can divert a pupil`s attention in the opposite. They think a teacher must not waste his time for such things, it is not reasonable.

Although, I disagree with them. I believe if a teacher organizes a pleasant atmosphere in the class, students will not overwork. Also, information adopts better when the general mood is excellent in the lesson.

To sum it up, I would like to say that a teacher brings up students as parents too. So, they should be more attentive and responsible for their job. It is their duty to create a balance in the educational process.





Dear Nick,

Thanks for your recent letter. Sorry that I didn`t answer earlier, I was busy with my school.

In your letter you asked me to help you with your project. I`ll do it with great pleasure. Unfortunately, I can say that teens read less than old people in my country because they`re fond of just surfing the Net.

Well, I prefer a traditional book. I consider it more convenient for my bad vision. I never liked the E-books.

Usually, I read about 2-3 hours a day in summer, but my friends do it rarely. I think their duration of reading is approximately 20 minutes.

How usually do you attend the club? What do you do during the class? How long does the class last?

Keep in touch.

Best wishes,



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