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In the future computers will replace teachers (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays there is an opinion that students will not need teachers soon due to a computerized system of education. Some persons think that it is true but others think differently. In my essay I want to express my opinion and argue with the opponents.

To be honest, I cannot agree with the statement that in the future computers will replace teachers. To start with, a computer is an inanimate machine. It is deprived of human emotions, which are very important in the communication between a teacher and children. Moreover, only a teacher is able to provide psychological assistance especially for their students. In my opinion, it is necessary for children to understand all the new information with some analogies.

Nevertheless, my opponents do not support my point of view. They think that computers will surpass teachers because these smart machines have unlimited channel of information.

For this reason, computers will replace teachers.

Although I think that my opponents’ opinion is wrong. Despite the fact that computers have an unlimited amount of information they will not be able to find an individual approach to their students. To my mind, only people can truly understand other people.

To sum up, teachers are irreplaceable. They have a big and an important role in education. I am convinced that my thought is true.


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