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I like taking photos (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

As far back as I can remember, I have always been interested in photography. Obviously, it all started in my childhood. When I was little, I often watched my parents doing very strange and complicated operations with old school cameras. They used special instruments and chemical substances to produce pictures. Sometimes even our relatives or friends came to help my parents. The whole procedure seemed to be a kind of magic that I could never fully comprehend. The images obtained through so much effort were really precious and we valued them a lot. I could spend hours carefully studying every spot of the pictures and mentally going back to the days and places captured in them.

Later on, it became much easier to use cameras, but camera films were still very expensive and one had to be very choosy as to what, when and how to shoot.

So, shooting was adults' prerogative which they could not afford to share with kids. But exceptions were also possible: my parents would occasionally entrust me with taking a couple of shots. Such moments made me feel extremely excited because I realized the responsibility that I was given. It took me quite long to choose a good scene and then came the most heart-pounding moment: with trembling fingers, I pressed the sacred shutter button. A short click, and here we go: the film is now one exposure shorter, and whether this shot is a success or a failure, will not be known until other exposures have been used and we have visited a photo studio. The only thing left to do is just look forward to that day.

A lot has changed in photography since then. Now taking pictures is characterized by great simplicity and even a three-year-old kid can easily handle that. Moreover, there are various computer programs and mobile applications that offer practically unlimited possibilities for editing pictures and making them look the way you like. Now it is very hard to get that feeling of excitement I used to know as a child. But with all these changes, my love for photography has remained the same. Today I am even more interested in it than ever.

Why am I so interested? Well, there are a number of reasons. First, I see a lot of interesting things around me every day. I want to capture as many moments as possible in order to keep them in my memory. One more reason is that through photos I can share my emotions with people: with the advent of social networks, it has become a very simple thing to do. What is even more important, photography gives me a chance to express myself and to unlock my creative potential. Finally, if my shots are good, I can take part in special competitions and even earn a little money.

So, photography is a magnificent pastime for me. And even if I do not achieve any outstanding results in that sphere, I will always know that it is what makes me feel happy.


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