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On the importance of rest and recreation (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When pupils say that they are tired of studying and wait for a holiday to come, teachers often get angry because they think that pupils are just lazy, not interested in the subject and do not want to study at all. But in fact, rest and recreation is an essential part of the studying process without which its effectiveness decreases a lot. Let us have a closer look at this issue.

Being concentrated on one and the same activity for a very long time has got both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, a person gets to know more about what he or she does and gradually learns to do it better. For example, if you spend five days in a row trying to make out how the passive voice in the English language works, you are sure to end up an expert on that matter. But on the other hand, such concentration on one thing only is unproductive in the long run. First, it is just boring and uninteresting.

Second, your creativity fades away. Third, your brain loses its sharpness. In other words, monotonous activity makes you feel bored, tired and inefficient.

So, people need change to stay productive. And the best variant of such change for schoolchildren is rest and recreation.

Rest and recreation means doing something different from school, something that you find absorbing. For example, you can go for walks, meet your friends, play different games, read your favourite books, watch your favourite films, take photos and so on.

You can benefit a lot from those activities. They give you an opportunity to relax, both physically and mentally. Of special importance is mental relaxation because most school days are usually full of stress. When having a rest, you meet new challenges, get new knowledge and develop new skills, which is very good. As you have a lot of free time during a holiday, you can unhurriedly generate valuable ideas and build promising plans. Later on, within the academic year, you can put all of them to practice and enjoy great results. Last but not least, you can find inspiration in your holiday.

In conclusion we can say that rest and recreation helps pupils keep fit, fills their lives with unforgettable experiences and enables them to resume their studying with renewed energy.


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