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«Going to a summer camp is a good rest for children» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays summer camps are an actual way to spend your time and have a rest. There are also some summer schools integrating rest and studying, what is helpful for students of high school. But some people see minuces in going there. So, somebody says that visiting a such place is a good idea indeed. Others cannot agree with this opinion.

To my mind, summer camps are wonderful. Firstly, children have a lot of physical activities there, and it is helpful for their health and mood. It is important to make children to be not lazy and passive. Secondly, there are a great number of culture events and everybody can show something he can do better than others: show their drawings, dance, sing, read poems, everything else! Besides that, it is always interesting to look at adoring talents of other people.

And thirdly, you can make friends, it is always pleasant to meet cool persons, to talk about different things with them, to share secrets and believe each other. A summer camp is a nice place to find a friend to share your memories about this place.

But camps are really awful on the other side because you meet wonderful, adoring people, you love them and want them to be near, but you have to go home while you live in different towns or cities, and you feel so upset about that! Unfortunately, this sense is a neccessary part of each camp and it is terrible. No one can get used to it, somebody even refuses going to camps because of it. And secondly, everybody who have been in camps knows that you can hardly eat food that are cooked there because it is not tasty, but the same time you want to eat and have to. It is funny.

But, th be honest, there is nothing horrible in distance. Living far away from each other doesn't make you aliens. You can still be best friends and maybe even meet one day. So, all considered above, I would like to say that everybody can decide himself if he wants to go to a summer camp or not, but I still believe it is a wonderful place to have a rest.


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