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Rest on the sea (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Most of all I love summer vacations. Every year we go to the sea with our parents. Our grandparents live near the Black Sea - in Evpatoria. Now it's abroad, but we, even despite all the obstacles and some inconveniences (currency exchange, customs inspection from one side and the other, both from Russia and from Ukraine), still visit our beloved "old men". They always wait for us with impatience. Grandmother bakes very tasty pies, biscuits and rolls. Granddad catches in the sea for our arrival a mullet (it is very tasty sea fish, it is absolutely boneless). In the Crimea the same sea as in our Caucasus - Black. And the sun shines all the same, both Russians and Ukrainians.

A rest next to your loved ones is always nice.

There are many very beautiful and picturesque towns by the sea, but we love Evpatoria. What is the beach, and the sand, it is very small and clean. Water in the sea is always clean, although due to the numerous undercurrents sometimes and very high in the summer can be very cold. This can be fixed - just go to another beach and there the water will be a completely different temperature.Our vacation is not always just bathing and sunbathing on the beach. Dad helps my grandfather fix something in the house. Mom and grandmother go shopping for the house. After all, many different little things are needed, and it's hard to bear Grandma. Then they one day allocate a twist tomato and cucumber. My dad and I go to the mountains, we pick up the dogwood. It is very tasty and healthy berries. The taste is tart, but compotes and jam from the cornel are simply unmatched.

It seems that everything in this city is already familiar. But we still go on different tours, we go on boat trips on the ship and climb up with the tourist groups to the mountains. Summer vacation is very interesting and full. Due to the mild climate, the most beautiful places, a large number of tourists come to Evpatoria not only from Ukraine and the CIS, but also from abroad. We really enjoyed the tour of the vineyards. They stand here in large narrow rows, on each vine hanging clusters of ripe grapes of different varieties. After visiting the vineyards, we were taken to an excursion to the winery. There the guide, with knowledge of the matter, spoke about the latest wine production technologies, the history of winemaking, showed us the hall where the barrels and bottles filled with wine are stored. Dad always buys something as a gift for his friends, he must boast where his parents live. Evpatoria is a very beautiful city, in a lot of boarding houses, children's health resorts.

This city is very old, but it constantly erects all new modern buildings, including holiday homes, where vacationers can come not only in summer but also in winter to get sun, clean air and necessary treatment or just rest.


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