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We should not use animal products in clothes (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The question of using animals for clothes has a lot of arguments. Some people think that clothes from animals is natural, while others believe it is cruel and bad for creatures.

In my opinion, killing animals for clothes is unfair and selfish because people want to protect themselves from cold with the help of taking away leather and fur. Also, only fur and leather are used for production. That is why, all body is thrown away and environment becomes more polluted due to amount of waste.

However, some people are convinced that fur is sigh of person`s success in life. Fur is so expensive that not everyone is available to buy it. Also, clothes from animals are the most warm and non-allergic for people.

In addition, farming producing has a lot of jobs with high and regular salary.

I do not agree with above opinion. I considere that person`s achievement depends on his or her personality and how smart, polite and hardworking this person is. Moreover, we can produce pieces of clothes from plants like cotton and linen and such clothes would be warm, soft and everyone caan afford it. There is no doubt that not a huge amount of employers want a job connected with killing animals. This kind of work is not demanded at all.

Taking everything into account, applying products from animals is awful and terrible. It has plenty of consequences for our planet because of waste. So, we should stop killing animals for our benefits and money.


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