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Should a person help a homeless animal - that's the question that AV Morozov worries about. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Should a person help a homeless animal - that's the question that AV Morozov worries about.

The text is based on a case from life, when one of the passers-by suddenly spoke to a stray dog. The author describes with pity how the hopes of the animal crash: a man (Alexander Morozov does not accidentally call him a silhouette), suddenly appeared, talked and left ... And the dog remained ... This case prompted the author to argue that dogs occupy a large place in a person's life, because "serving man for a dog is life."

The author's position is not difficult to determine: A.

Morozov believes that the code of human honor prescribes him to come to the aid of a homeless animal.

It is difficult to disagree with the author's opinion: a person should help homeless animals, at least in gratitude to all those dogs that have done, will and will make the life of a person bright, joyful and full.

The life of the master-carver, the hero of one of Vasily Peskov's books, the chapter "Jealousy", because he had a dog Smoke and a horse, was full and fun. "The trio is inseparable, the author says:" This trio is inseparable, the owner did not like the soul in either of them. "They loved caresses:" He will scratch his fingers between Smoke's ears, and he, with a saddle, arches his back, and the horse, slightly touches Stepan's withers, starts rubbing his face about a jacket. "Two creatures compete in devotion to a man: they were not indifferent to how this devotion is appreciated by man, and he loved them with all his heart, cared for and cherished.

Seton-Thompson in The Story of Animals wrote that the most unpretentious and hardy dog &񗜻&񗜻is a mongrel: she is not a fast-footed person, she is not strong, but she has common sense. The author is sure that "all dogs will die out, except for the mongrel". It was not by chance that they were the first to fly into space. And how faithful these dogs are! Seton-Thompson advises those who wish to take a dog as a friend, to choose an ordinary homeless dog who has already learned all the hardships of dog life.

Thus, I can conclude that if we help determine at least one living creature in his life, then we will fulfill our duty towards our lesser brothers.


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