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Language that clothes (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The greatest wealth of the people is his language! In the word, huge treasures of people's thoughts and wholes accumulate and live for thousands of years. We all know and often hear the proverb: "They meet me on clothes, but they see off on my mind". As before, I did not think that not only clothes, but also speech can characterize a person. The speech of a person is a "visiting card", which makes the first impression of him. He sometimes can say even more than a dress. Now we can go in clothes from foreign manufacturers, so you can distinguish between foreigners in a crowd only by his foreign pronunciation of words or phrases.

About a person can say a lot, just listen to the way he talks. Literally, on several words that flew from his lips, we can draw conclusions.

If his speech is competent, then he uses his vocabulary, his phrases do not sound parasitic words, then this person can be called intelligent and intelligent. At his polite address to his interlocutor, one can judge his upbringing. Well, if a person speaks rudely, using obscene language in his proposals, then such a person needs to develop further. It is necessary to exclude from your speech such ugly and rude words, it is in our power. Just follow your speech, gradually it will become a habit. Like soiled clothes, so speech, with rude words, can be cleaned and corrected.

Language - just a "card" or a person's clothes. Sometimes under unattractive clothing you can find a wonderful person. People have such a trait as tongue-tied tongue. It does not necessarily depend on a lack of mental ability, so a smart person can be a stutterer or a shy person. Others simply do not pay any attention to his speech. As a result: the language is full of words-parasites (type, that's, like, damn, this is the most, etc.). Some people purposely swear or speak primitively, they want to be their own or steep in the circle of friends. It's possible that they are actually much better than they seem from the outside. But the conclusions have already been made precisely on their speech, so it's better to work on it and keep track of your words all the time. For poor and ugly speech, development is necessary.

As for the expression "Language that clothes". If we thoroughly understand the semantic meaning of this aphorism, then we will understand that it is very true. Language is the clothing of all our thoughts expressed aloud. The strength of the language is that with his help and competent use in his speech, we express all our emotions, feelings and experiences, but already out loud. Without this, our life would not be full. Like our clothes, to which we make demands for its beauty, so the speech should be beautiful both in sound and content. A lot of great thoughts are expressed in one short aphorism, in which the deepest combinations of words are used. Language is our strength, and it must be used for one hundred percent, but very competently.


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