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Package holidays are the best option for any holiday-maker (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays many people face a difficult decision when planning their vacations. While some prefer their holidays to be all-inclusive and organized by a professional, others like to choose all the details of the trip by themselves. Let us consider both opinions in more detail.

To my mind, for many travellers package holidays might be the best alternative. First of all, such type of vacations is far less stressful. As the travel agency takes care of all the bookings, planning and logistics, the holiday-goer’s only task is to relax, keep calm and not worry about anything. Secondly, package holidays are very safe since the company has everything planned: airport transfers, hotels, places to visit and etc. Therefore, a holiday-maker does not need to be anxious about picking a random taxi or attending questionable institutions.

However, some people disagree.

They state that package tours disallow tourists to choose activities they want to do and, on the contrary, may include some things they do not enjoy doing. As a result, they do not have the freedom of choice.

Still I cannot share this opinion. Such holidays offer variety as tour companies have something for everyone’s taste: from hustle and bustle in a crowded city to peace and quiet on a remote beach.

To conclude, despite all the mentioned above, I still believe that package tours are a wonderful way to relax and are a very good option for anyone. Nevertheless, everyone should choose the type of vacation suitable for themselves and not someone else.


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