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Are you ready for a pet? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Recently I’ve watched your television programme about pet owning and it made me reflect on this topic. No doubt that human beings naturally enjoy the company of animals and it goes both ways. However, taking care of a pet isn’t something as easy as one might think.

Of course, there are a lot of pros of having a pet in your house. First, they can relief your stress. After an intense day, coming home to a loving creature that you know has been waiting for you, is the best feeling. Second, as one of your guests said, ‘it is good for children to keep pets’ because they learn to take care after someone and think about its well-being from an early age. Finally, they are a nice company for elder people. Sometimes, the only way they can receive love and deal with loneliness is by owning a pet.

However, with the good comes the bad. Aside from the great responsibility that a pet demands, some of them can become a source of danger. Without proper training or special attention (to the snake’s cage, for example) they can get aggressive and even choke you to death. Speaking of snakes, people can be really into keeping exotic creatures at their places where, of course, they aren’t meant to be. This, referring to your guest's words, puts the pets in danger and shortens their lifespan. Also, it’s not a secret that a pet can serve as a status symbol for some people. What happens in most cases is that rich people buy, for example, a baby leopard or a baby tiger and get rid of them when they grow up and are not as cute as back then.

As you see, you must research a lot before buying a living creature and be dedicated to what you are doing otherwise you could only do harm both to the pet and you. So, it is Only worth bringing a pet into a family if you know that you can make them comfortable and happy.


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