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My pet (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Last year in winter, before the New Year, my parents and I went to the market for food for the festive table. When once again they unloaded the packages into the car, they returned again for sweets, they saw on the porch at the entrance to the market a woman in warm sheepskin coat, from the gate of which the muzzle of a pretty puppy was peeking out. In our family, no one is indifferent to animals, and as for dogs, this is a separate topic. To the question what kind of breed this beast had, the hostess replied very firmly - the German Shepherd. Not very long in conferring, we bought it. I myself moved it to my fur jacket, and her face was outside. In the market, all the sellers looked at our acquisition, all of them were smiling. A lot of things we tried with our puppy: and cottage cheese - turned away, and the sausage - did not even want to sniff, but when we approached the meat row, our dog revived.

They gave him a small piece of fresh meat for testing, so he almost bit off my finger. So our new member of the family is a meat-eater. Having bought fresh meat for him, we went home. Everyone was interested to see how our new friend will behave at home. We have a big house, with a garden and a garden, so for the dog just expanse.

Mom, as soon as we went into the house, said that the dog needs to be bathed, it's not enough where she lived until this time. We did not have to beg for a long time with my dad, while my mother was preparing dinner, we puppies were bathed right in the bathroom, poured water in the basin, took shampoo (mother) and washed it for a long time in the shower. To our surprise, the dog was not at all afraid of water and stood, like a goby, very quietly and submissively.

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Or maybe he just realized that he does not dodge the sturdy daddy's hands. Like all dogs, he shook himself off, leaving water on the bathroom and splashing on us, probably, so he took revenge. Then we wrapped it in an old towel, thought that it would dry faster, but this procedure he did not want to withstand. He whined, growled, and yelped. At last the mother came to this noise and took out her hair dryer, saying that it would dry more quickly, or maybe he would like it. It was necessary to see this animal, when a hair dryer was sent to it, it began to bite it, growl like a real beast. In general, with grief in half, we dried it. Then they fed him meat and the puppy just fell off his feet, he fell asleep near the plate. A day later we decided to go to the vet, find out what our Mukhtar (sheepdog) needed vitamins and inoculations. What was our amazement when a specialist, having examined our beloved pet, said that the breed was "noble", that is, it was a simple mongrel. So what? Not everyone can be thoroughbred dogs. True, they decided to rename, while he was still not used to his nickname, in ordinary Toshku.

Now he is three years old, and we all do not like this wonderful puppy, he is very playful, loves all of us, he always waits at the gate and finds out as soon as you go outside. There is no end to his joy when we are all doing something in the garden together, then he shows that this is his domain, he runs after the ball, he jumps. It seems to me that he understands every word and distinguishes intonation. If he cheats, then we tell him "Anton, who did this?", He immediately tightens his tail and goes into the booth. I will never trade our Toshka for even the most thoroughbred sheepdog.

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