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Early choice of career is the key to success (bonus - letter) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


There are two opposite points of view on the attitude of career choice problem. Some people are sure that success depends on an early choice of career. Others, on the contrary, say that forward selection of profession doesn`t influence advance.

In my opinion, you shouldn`t hurry with choice of career. Firstly, you don`t have experience to plan your future. You have to learn what you understand and do what you like. Later, it would play a big role in your life. Secondly, your interests can change eventually. You can change your mind, because your job is not for you or you find some hidden talents out.

However, many people think that teenagers must think about career and plan all their life, because if we don`t, we won`t be successful.

In their opinion, life is very quick, and you should decide who you are today. But nevertheless, I think that you needn`t choose a career path in young age. You can spend your time with benefit even if you don`t choose profession.

In conclusion, I would like to say that success doesn`t depend on the age when you choose a profession. Think carefully when you make a choice. So, I prefer to disagree with the statement that early job selection influences success in your life.





Dear Olivia,

It was great to hear from you! Sorry I haven`t been in touch for so long but I was really busy with my school. I `m glad you`re OK.

In your letter you asked me what I usually do not to catch a cold. Well, in winter I wear woolen sweaters, because they help me not to fall ill. But, if my class and I fall ill, we take two or three days brakes and go to the doctor who gives us a list of medicaments and who allows us to have a home-rest. As for me, healthy lifestyle is the skill to control yourself. You should have a timetable of your work and rest.

By the way, tell me about your cousins. What are their names? How often do they visit you? What do you usually do together, when they come?

I would rather go as I have to do my homework.

Write back soon!




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