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An early choice of a career path is a key to success + letter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Choosing a career in early age is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Some people are sure that it is more reasonable to make a career choice in the childhood, while others disagree. Let me express my point of view.

In my opinion, success of a person does not depend on the age of choosing the career. Firstly, a child is not able to make a proper career choice. Secondly, I think that a youngster can change his opinion about the possible profession during the growing up. For example, such things as health, education, age priorities or character can greatly influence the choice of the future profession.

However, there are people who are sure that early career choice is the best way to become successful. The sooner a young person understands what he wants to be, the more purposeful he becomes.

They consider that a child has more opportunities to get special skills and education during the schooling.

I strongly disagree with this point of view, because everything around us is changing, so many professions can modify or even disappear. What is more, interests of children can also differ.

To sum up, I should say that every young person has a right to choose his lifeway whenever he wants.

ut I am sure that we do not have to hurry with the career choice, because careful and thoughtful understanding of personal abilities can guarantee the real success in future life.





Dear Jane,

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to hear from you again. I hope you liked your trip to Wales.

In your last letter you asked me about films. You know, I’m a real fan of watching fantasy films, because I find them really breath-taking. Frankly, I mostly prefer to enjoy watching movies at home in a cozy atmosphere with a bucket of popcorn.

esides, you don’t have to buy a ticket. Well, I’m sure that it’s more reasonably to read a book before watching a film, because it’s a good opportunity to plunge into the story and to get your own idea about the characters and the plot.

So, how long did your trip last? Did any of your friends join you? What was the weather like during the trip?

Sorry, I have to go now.

est wishes,



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