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Traveling abroad helps to understand your own country (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the problem of perception of culture of countries causes great arguments and controversy some people believe that if you can travel abroad you will understand your own country fair while others believe hat traveling abroad it is an obstacle in knowledge of your culture. Where the truth?

In my opinion, traveling abroad is incredible opportunity to explore your own country. Firstly you can compare two different cultures and find the differences which help you to know something new about your country. Secondly you can learn another point of view your country with its customs and traditions that will help you to understand something special.

However there exists another point of view on the issue: some people think traveling abroad will not help you to know and understand anything about your country. Firstly other culture will even complicate to understand clearly your own country with its history. Moreover traveling abroad is a distortion of perception your country's mentality.

Despite my respect for this opinion i cannot not share it because there are no problems with comparing and analyze two different countries you just have to do it objectively and reasonably.

Also different cultures are complement each other and it is how to understand something without delusion.

In conclusion, i would like to say that traveling abroad it is not only marvelous opportunity to get amazing emotions, but it is a huge help to understand something special about your own country.


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