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The most important things in life are not learned at school or college (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In our modern world, it is considered that everyone has to finish school at least. However, many people suppose the school or college does not give the most important skills and knowledge for life. In my opinion, it is true but things that we learn at school prepare us to the situations which we could encounter in real life. So, I believe that school education helps us a lot for the following reasons.

Firstly, studying develop our brains and our world-outlook. For example6 the exact sciences develop logical thinking, the humanities teach us to imagine and the arts inspire us to create. Certainly, at school or college it is difficult to imitate complex life problems. But the knowledge gained there assists us to find a solution. Besides, we get information about the world where we live.

It is very important because it is our home.

Secondly, at school and college we learn about social life. It is very necessary because we live in the society and so that have to know its rules, traditions and culture. What is more, we acquire communicate skills which are valuable as well as overcome various complexes.

Finally, the school helps us to understand ourselves. It makes us more open-minded and enriches our internal world. Furthermore, we can try many things and decide what we want to do in life. Different subjects expose our personality. In other words, school is the time for experiments to find yourself.

To conclude, although I agree with the opinion that the most vital things in life are not foreseen in school program I think basic skills and knowledge acquired at school or college lead us to them. Subjects develop our thinking, imagination and world-outlook. Moreover, we obtain social skill and have both time and opportunity to realize who we are. All these help us to get over any trouble.


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