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pros and cons of speed dating (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays problem of desire to find love of whole life becomes more and more popular and in-demand. People want to have beloved person who can always give them support, help and who will be ready to sacrifice omething for them. And they try various ways to find such standing and appropriate prospective partner. Depending on preferances different people choose acquaintance on the Internet, in the restaurant, with help of applications and so on. But lately new way of getting acquainted attracts people. It's speed dating which means kind of fast dating which can let you communicate with many applicants for a short time, make conclusion and either stop communication or keep on it. It's comfortable and moreover many scientists are sure that 5 minutes are enough to understand almost all traits of person.

But not everyone can support such point of view. One should admit that speed dating includes own advantages and disadvantages. Let's consider some of them.

To begin with advantages one should note here that speed dating is convenient as it don't take much time. You have an opportunity to get to know all information you need about the person for 3 minutes and understand whether he is interesting and worthy for you or not instead of spending a month for communication.

The second advantage which needs to be said is that you won't feel discomfort if you have no admiration about this person. You have right to embrace and openly say that it's unfortunately not your type and partner will understand the situation. You aren't forced to slip out because it's direct conversation.

Nevertheless, we mustn't forget about disadvantages.

Firstly, it's the fact that this kind of dating isn't romantic at all moreover it's filled with odd forced atmosphere which looks like passing through conveyor. Considering the fact majority of people used to get acquainted accidentally not everyone can like this.

Also 5 minutes isn't enough time for everybody to talk about their life and for person who tries to choose to make conclusion. There are always uncertain situations. Besides that, many new things about partner people get from exact actions which sometimes better express person's self then words. Also many people can simply give increased self-image and then deteriorate it by reality.

Finally, speed dating as any other form of dates has own pros and cons so the choice depends on every person.


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