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Space developments are the most important achivements of 20 centuary (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In our contemporary world humanity is able to avaluate acivements of the 20th century. Some experts suppose that developments in space industry are the most essential, while others believe that there were more obligatory acivements.

In my opinion, space researchs were the most significant of the recent century for many reasons. Firstly, explorations in cosmos are able to effect all aspects of life because it is possible to adopt them in daily routine. As a result, people focuse on really relevant concerns. Secondly, the future of humanity is possible only if the Earth will be changed on another planet in the galaxy as resourced will be deplanted in a couple of centuries. Therefore, space exploration wss a major issue of 20th century.

However, some people insist that there are more significant achievements.

Medicine had made many developments that increased the length of life. Thus, it has more valuable innovations. What is more, new sources of cheap and ecological energy were found. It povided future oppotinities in all apects of life.

Personally, I assume that drugs are relevant for humanity but without great nature humanity will disappear. It leads to significant influence of space exploration. Moreover, new energy was produced by scolars that make researshes in space industry.

To sum up, I would like to highlight that the main development was made in space researchs because science of galaxy effects on all aspects of our life.


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