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1.Space travelling should be available for everyone in the future 2.Space exploration was the greatest achievement of the 20th century (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Nowadays space research is considered to be a progressive direction aimed at reaching positive outcomes for humankind. Many people believe that it is important to make human space flight commercially viable. However, there is an opposite opinion that it is a risky business, and funnelling taxpayers’ money into more down-to-earth projects is a better idea.

In my opinion, space travelling contributes to the public welfare. First of all, it is a new kind of tourism and entertainment. Moreover, during the space flight passengers can experience weightlessness. It uncovers remarkable emotions and feelings. Besides, funding space tourism and commercializing lead to a more intensive development of scientific pursuits, which will help humanity to advance in space exploration.

On the other hand, space tourism is a luxury service demanding huge funds.

Furthermore, it is a very dangerous activity for astronauts because most of the test pilots are killed.

Despite the disadvantages of space travelling, I strongly believe that space exploration and travels to distant planets expand the perspectives about the existence and mysteries of the universe. In addition, space tourism leads to a new generation of vehicles.

Summing it all up, space travelling is a way to explore the universe, as well as one of the future types of tourism and entertainment that should be available to all social groups.


Nowadays space research is considered to be a progressive direction aimed at reaching positive outcomes for humankind. The 20th century laid the fundamental grounds for outer space exploration. However, this process seems challenging and complicated.

In my opinion, the last century was the century of technological advancement. Space exploration is a remarkable example. To begin with, it became possible for a human to make a spacewalk for the first time in history. It allowed getting new knowledge about unexplored space. Moreover, the findings were later used in various spheres such as medicine, engineering, military defence and business. Furthermore, space images made it possible to create Earth maps, weather forecasts, to monitor and control the Earth’s natural disasters.

On the other hand, space research demands huge funds. Besides, it is a very risky and dangerous activity for astronauts.

Despite the disadvantages of space exploration, I strongly believe that space travel to distant planets expanded the perspectives about the existence of the universe.

Summing it all up, the first time a human made a spacewalk or launched satellites sputniks created a way to new discoveries which are beneficial for human civilization.


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