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Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills - вирутальное общение приводит к потере навыков общения в жизни (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is no doubt that nowadays people spend a lot of time in social networks. Some of them refuse real-life communication because they find it useless, not interesting and sometimes difficult. Some people argue that virtual communication affects on real communication and leads to losing social skills.

In my opinion, people spend too much time using social networks and chatting in the Internet, what may cause difficulties in communicating. Firstly, people are really confident in the Internet, but when they have to talk with someone in real life, they become shy and humble. Secondly, such people usually try to avoid real-life communication. They are always alone, never talk with people and always try to be invisible. Moreover, they prefer to talk online as they feel themselves confident and do not have to show their real emotions.

That is why, I am sure that all of that show the absence of social skills.

Nevertheless, there is an opposing opinion. Others think that Internet communication is useful and cannot cause any troubles. They believe that chatting in the Internet helps to fully show your opinion, because no one can interrupt you. Also, they think that in the future we will not have to talk to each other in real life as we will have technology progress and everything will be connected with the Internet.

However, I cannot share this point of view. I saw such people, who avoid normal communicating, always use their phones. They are terribly shy and scared of they society.

In conclusion, social networks cause difficulties with communication.


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