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'Is advertising a trick to sell more Реклама - это лишь уловка продавать больше (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, the word “advertisement” evokes various ideas in people. Some people associate it with multi-coloured announcements in the mass media. Whereas some people imagine brightly decorated shop windows. However, is advertising a work of art or just a trick to sell more?

In my opinion, advertising is the art of control and deception in order to make a customer buy more. Firstly, the mass media is always trying to manipulate our opinion. In this case, announcements make us need such things that we might not have expected. Secondly, the advertisers often use the trick «problem-reaction-solution». It means that the creators of advertising come up with a problem. Then they give the buyer a solution with their product.

I think it is mean. Thirdly, lately advertising is not intended to make the product be known, but to make a purchaser buy it in the store right now.

Nevertheless, many people may assume that many announcements can be called a type of art. The reason is that advertisers do their best to make their products most attractive. Moreover, they use creativity to make announcements unique and exciting.

Indeed, this is true, but only in part. Firstly, sometimes the advertisers use indecorous words. Secondly, public relations are the best creativity. It is not so defiant, but it carries useful information.

In the modern information space, it is difficult to imagine our life without advertising. It is the basis of competition, the basis of the capitalist world. However, I urge everyone to treat aggressive advertising more wisely. Whereas advertisers should build good product properties at the epicentre of our attention.


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